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Mar. 26th, 2009 | 01:35 pm
location: Kishi's room
mood: happy happy
music: weeeek - Johnny's jr
posted by: shunpei777 in takayoshi_kishi

ok, this is just a simple community dedicated to the Johnny's jr. Takayoshi Kishi.

I realized that he's not getting enough attenttion and he's just so kawaii to be ignored~ X)

if you have any pictures, videos and information about Kishi, you can post it here.

This is a non-member commmunity so anyone can join and post here.

Hoping for your kind cooperation! *bows*

For axample, watch this video I found in youtube,

if you can find Kishi that's great! :) he's getting abit of screen time here, but not as much as he got more screen time in Question's Parallel World, where he played the organ~


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